Let’s jump into today’s Wednesday Devotional, which is all about learning to pray confidently to God. Today’s verse is 1 John 5:15. “And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him.”

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In these verses, John tells us we can have confidence in God. He tells us we can have confidence when we ask God for anything in line with His Will. Therefore, if whatever we ask is in line with God’s will, we can be confident He hears our prayers.

So, let me ask you, when you pray, do you ask of God? Most of us will probably say “Yes.” I think most of us do ask of God when we pray. God is generous, and He wants us to ask Him. He wants us to ask Him for anything, like the scripture says. Asking does not mean He will give us everything we ask for. However, asking God for anything means we are talking to Him about everything. We must also remember nothing is ever too big or too small to ask of God.

On the other hand, we must also take it a step further and ask God according to His Will, and not our will. When I asked you previously, you may have answered “Yes” to the first question about asking of God, but let me ask you another question. Do you ask of God according to His Will instead of simply what you want? Asking God for what we want is not the point of prayer at all. Prayer is about asking God to accomplish His will. God wants to use us to accomplish His Will. He wants us to be so close to Him, we only pray about the things He cares about, so He can use us to accomplish His Will.

When we begin to pray about things according to God’s Will, we can be confident our prayers will be answered.

Prayer is not just throwing words up to God. It is not asking for our own selfish desires. It is wholly seeking God and praying His desires to Him in order for them to be accomplished through us.

Our will must become aligned with His Will.

Do you have confidence your prayers will be answered because they are aligned with God’s Will? If not, what do you need to change in order to have confidence your prayers will be answered?

God, thank you for answering our prayers. Forgive me for seeking my will instead of Your Will. Help me to seek Your Will more fervently, and help me to have more confidence in my prayers because I am seeking Your Will. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Wednesday Devotional: Pray Confidently
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27 Comments on Wednesday Devotional: Pray Confidently

    • That’s so great! Continue to pray and your relationship will continue to grow! It’s so amazing how that works!

  1. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”…I’m always sure to distinguish between what I want and what God wants for me. When I’m not sure, I ask Him for His guidance and that His will be done. Great post!

  2. I have found that when I take the time to align myself with God’s Will, my prayers are bigger and more specific- because my heart is in the right place, I can ask/talk with God for the things that are within his Will!

  3. Beautiful devotional that I needed to read today. I do struggle with that confidence which is exactly the opposite of what God wants me to do.

  4. I was just talking to my kids about this. We should ask God for the things that we desire, but be willing to accept that if He closed the door that it was never meant for us. However closed doors should never stop us from seeking Jis will, or continue into ask.

  5. This is great. Sometimes I think we can all be selfish prayers and need to be reminded of this. Between a busy toddler and a new baby my prayers have been a little selfish and I need to work on that

    • Yes, it is so true. We tend to think of the right here and right now, especially under hectic circumstances, but it is important to remember to pray for His Will to be done! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a great post! I honestly struggle with this often (I am working at getting much better). But the independent (rebellious) spirit in me used to cringe when people say “if it is his will”. I knew I was wrong, but have had to work hard at learning to fully turn it over to him and not always be micromanaging my own life and figuring I know best.

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