Don't Settle for Less Than God's Plan
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Sorry to missed last Wednesday’s post, but I was in Malaysia with our intern here at the church, who had to go on a Visa run. If you ever have the chance, you should go! We went to Penang, and it was beautiful! Their street art is amazing, Penang Hill’s view of the city was breathtaking, and, well, they have a beach! Who doesn’t love the beach? I am hoping to get a post up soon about our trip there! It was a blast! Anyhow, I am so glad you are here for this week’s Wednesday Devotional! Our devotional last time was about the book of Leviticus, so today we will be moving on to Numbers! Numbers may seem like such a boring book of the Bible, but it is actually pretty cool when you take a step back and look at the big picture! So let’s jump in and see what Number’s tells us about God’s plan for our lives.

In Numbers, God asks Moses to take a census several times in order to prepare the people for what will come next. However, each census is not just a number to God. Each number is a person. A person God created. A person He created to fulfill a specific plan He designed just for them. Furthermore, God knows each and every one of those numbers, those people He created, by name!

God created each of us with a specific purpose and a specific role in the body of Christ.

The Scripture:

Numbers is so can be so encouraging! Numbers 6: 24-26 says, “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”

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What It Tells Us About God’s Plan for Our Lives:

Media pushes and tugs us into one direction, to fit into one specific mold-skinny, beautiful, flawless, successful, put together, etc. While chasing these things, we run further and further away from God. All the while, we are missing God’s plan for our life.

We see this same sad story in Numbers Chapter 32. Go ahead and read it. The Israelites were willing to fight for a piece of land just outside of the land God had promised them. They had not even made it to the perfect land God was giving them, and they were going to fight for something different-something outside of His plan and His promise. It sounds all too familiar doesn’t it? I know it does for my life time and time again.

How often do we settle for less than what God has given us? 

The moral of this story: seek God’s Word and not what the world has to offer us. The world will only disappoint us with it’s ever changing definition of what “in”. However, God’s Word and His promises always remain the same. They are never changing and always true.

God is so gracious to keep us and continually forgive us when we let Him down and fall short of bringing Him glory. He is always graciously accepts us back into His loving arms, even when we run away from Him. He gives us peace, even when we don’t believe we can have it or deserve. Our God is so good to us, even though we are so undeserving.

Our Prayer:

God, thank You for creating me with a specific purpose in mind. Help me to understand what this purpose is and to fulfill it with Your help. Help me to focus on You instead of being distracted by the things of this world. Guide me to seek only what You have planned for my life and not to settle for less than Your plan. I love You, God. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

A Question:

So, I ask you, what are you settling for instead of seeking God’s plan in your life?

Don't Settle for Less Than God's Plan
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17 Comments on Wednesday Devotional: Don’t Settle for Less Than God’s Plan

  1. Great post, I needed this reminder. Love the prayer too – it’s important to focus on Him not ourselves and not be distracted by things of this world.

  2. I’m amazing it a habit to read devotionals every morning before settling in to work. Thanks for writing this. I look forward to your next devotional. 😁

  3. Brittany, I love this! Especially the idea of not getting distracted/sidetracked by social media and putting our time into things that do not contribute to our purpose. Thanks for sharing on the #sundaythoughts link up ☺️

    • Thanks so much for allowing me to share on your page Jamie! Thanks so much for reading and for your sweet words too!

  4. It’s so hard to focus on God’s plan for our lives at times. It doesn’t always make sense because WE aren’t in control of it all. The blessings flow when we let go and allow God to guide us. Great devo!

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