Welcome to another fabulous #momcrushmonday ! Another mama blogger, Laneic, has some great words on how to de-stress amongst mommy chaos, and we can all use some of this advice! Check her out on social media (listed below) and follow me on Instagram! I hope today’s guest post helps you as much as it did me on this wonderful Monday! See you back here next week!

3 Ways to De-stress Amongst Mommy Chaos
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3 Ways to De-stress Amongst Mommy Chaos

You’re a mom so you know there are times when things can get a bit…well, crazy! From shouting kids, to a huge mess that appears to be growing, crying, cooking, errands, and everything else, it makes sense that sometimes the chaos of motherhood can downright stress us out.

Before you wave your white flag in surrender (aka the towel from the pile of laundry you promised to get to eventually), here are 3 ways you can de-stress, right in the middle of the mommy chaos.

Check Your Body Language

The human body is an amazing self-preservation machine, so when things start getting overwhelming, your body starts firing up warning signals and gearing up to protect itself, mentally and physically. A great way to ease stress is to convince your body to chill out and stop sending those panic signals to your brain. You can do this by simply stopping to take a few deep breaths. You want to focus on your breathing, not the reason why you needed to stop and do it (this means while you’re breathing, instead of thinking “these kids are driving me nuts”, try thinking “inhale, exhale” instead). You can also do a quick body relaxation exercise. Start at your toes and slowly relax all those muscles that have probably built up tension, working your way to the top.  

Do a Mental Check

Sometimes things have piled up mentally, and it tends to exaggerate everything else. If you’re feeling particularly stressed, stop and list out why you’re stressed. Then determine if it’s really even such a big deal. You might find the kids are being loud, but they’re actually not doing anything destructive. Sure, the dishes could be done, but it’s only been a hour since you’ve all had breakfast. The source of your stress might very well be unreasonably high expectations of yourself and your kids. It can relieve some pressure to be mindful of that fact and lower those expectations.

Change of Scenery

Yup, get out the house. Just leaving the area can help. It can be a quick walk by yourself, rounding up your kids for a walk around the neighborhood, or a 5 minute drive to the gas station, but changing up your environment can help dispel stress. If you can’t actually get away, just a step outside of your front door. A few minutes of breathing can do wonders.

Try these out next time you feel stress bubbling up. When all else fails, never hesitate to join in on the chaos. If your kids are being rambunctious and there are a million things to worry about, sometimes the best thing you can do is let it go for the time being and play. If you can’t beat em’, join em’!

3 Ways to De-Stress Amongst Mommy Chaos

Laneic is a self-care and wellness coach for busy mommas and blogger at Make It 218. She spent her first year trying to be and do everything under the sun, and she was forced to take a step back and start making self-care a priority. Her mission now is to help other mothers who are burned out, or well on their way to being stressed, to making self-care a regular part of their lives, reconnecting with who they are separately of their children, and pursuing their happiness without guilt.

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