Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord. Do you know what that means? As stated by Webster, lord is a person who has authority, control or power over others. So do you give Jesus the authority over your life? Do you give Him control or do you take control over your life? Do you give Jesus power when you are making decisions?

If you were to die today, would Jesus know you? I’m not talking about “know you” like you know your child’s teacher or the girl that bags your groceries at the store, but does Jesus know who you are? Does he know your vulnerabilities, your heart, your being? Do you allow Him to know you intimately?

Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples, obviously held Jesus at a pretty high regard, or he would have never followed Him as fervently as he did, but in the Bible, Judas never called Jesus his Lord. We can see this play out as Judas betrays Jesus and turns him over to the authorities, who later beat and kill Jesus, but Judas never gave his life to Jesus. He saw Jesus as Rabbi or teacher, but not as Lord. So do you see Jesus as a teacher or do you see Him as your Lord?

Possessive of Possessions

When I think about preparing to move to another country and all the things I need to pack to take with me, I am reminded of the story of the woman who anoints Jesus with her perfume in Matthew 26.

The woman had a precious perfume that was usually used for acts of devotion. It had been valued at about a years worth of wages for an average worker during this time period. She poured a years worth of wages and her special perfume on Jesus’ head! Why in the world would she do that?

You might be thinking, “What does this have to do with you packing up your things?” Well, it reminds me that things we often think are important are not so important in the grand scheme of things. But more importantly, it reminds me that all of our things should be used to glorify God.

As I go through my things and decide what I should and should not pack, I have to really ask myself, “Why is his so important to me?” But more importantly, I need to ask, “Can I use this to glorify God?”

What are some of your possessions you have used to glorify God?

Talent Search

What are your gifts? How are you using them?

Remember the great story in the Bible of the 3 slave men given talents by their master? Well these aren’t talents, as in gifts, in this story. This story is talking about money. He gave the servants money, and they were supposed to invest their money in order to make more money. Well, 2 of them did just that and the other one did not.

This story has so many great principles in it! Let’s just hit on the greatest 2 I can point out right now.

First, God gives us gifts, or talents as He uses them in this Scripture, in order for us to use them to share the Gospel. We should invest our gifts in other people in order to make more disciples. Let me rephrase: We are not making more disciples, but God is using the gifts He gives us to make more disciples through us! What a gift He gives us to allow us to be apart of growing His kingdom! Using the gifts God gives us is a vital part of discipleship, and if take advantage of those opportunties, we will be rewarded with additional opportunities to expand God’s kingdom.

Second, faithful stewards, who use the gifts God gives us wisely, will be given greater responsibility in both this life and the next! Not that we use our gifts because of what we will be given, but we truly use our gifts for the sole purpose of spreading God’s Word, then God faithfully rewards those who are faithful to Him! How gracious is He! This means we should be faithful in all things God has given us-our money, our time, our skills, our marriage, our children, everything!

So let me ask you again…what are your gifts and how are you using them? Has your answer changed?

Shout It Out

We should always be looking for the return of Jesus and living out the Great Commission!

Have you Ever have a bad day? Well, that’s a silly question, isn’t it? Don’t we all have bad days? What makes it a bad day? Your child colored all over the walls? You have a massive leak in your kitchen? You spilled ketchup all over your brand new white dress shirt? How do you overcome these bad days? Some days they may even seem too overwhelming to overcome.

But then there is Jesus! Paul’s life wasn’t easy. It was hard, but Jesus overcame it all through His death and resurrection.

We have been reading in Acts at our church, and Paul gives us a great example of what it means to live sent. Paul used every opportunity to expand the kingdom of God. Paul knew his purpose, and his purpose was sharing the Gospel. Even though we may get frustrated or down right angry about where God is telling us to go, we still have to be obedient to go. God may be telling you to go to your best friend, but you may be thinking, “He won’t be my friend any longer.” He might be telling you to go to your work, and your thinking, “I might get fired.” He might be telling you to go to a different country, and you think, “I might be killed.” Didn’t Jesus put it all on the line for you? Didn’t He die for you? So what if your friend doesn’t like you any more. God used you to plant His seed in him. Isn’t that much more gratifying than having him as a friend?

Although we are not responsible for the salvation of others, we are responsible for going and telling others about Jesus.

What purpose does God have for your life? God can use any circumstance you have been through to bring Him glory. So my question to you is, how can you live out what God has called you to do? The lost of the lost can be saved. Not because of you, but because God is with you and sent you to share His love and His Word with them.

Our sole purpose should be about sharing the Gospel. Everyone deserves to hear about God’s saving grace, and it is our job to tell them about it. Don’t expect people to come to you. You should run to them proclaiming God’s love and saving grace because He has saved you! And don’t just live it out, shout it out too!

What are some ways you are being called to actively share your faith and the Gospel with others?

The Blessing of Children

I am really excited to move to Bangkok, Thailand. The more I talk to the friends and people we know already living over there, the more excited I get. The more I talk to people about it, the more excited I get! I know this is a blessing from God because I have quite a bit of apprehension moving from one country to another, especially so quickly!

As I talked to my friend in Bangkok, she assured me there is much to do in Bangkok, especially with my children. This is much different than in Haiti. She talked about meeting ladies at the park and developing friendships with them. Again, this reassured me and calmed my fears and anxieties about moving yet again to another country. But the point she made was even bigger. It is something I thought about while I lived in Haiti, but something I was unable to accomplish on the fullest level. Perhaps it was because I didn’t have the opportunity or perhaps it was because I didn’t act on the opportunities I was given.

Our children are a gift from God. He has entrusted them to us to raise them up in His Word and to be great leaders for His Kingdom. But He has also given them to us to make lasting friendships that open up doors to share the Gospel with those who do not know it or to help others deepen their faith by talking through it with someone who is going through some of the same things in life and can walk along side them. The Bible says so!

In Matthew 19, Jesus blesses the children and passed on the blessing from one generation to the next. This is where we must pass on our knowledge of the Bible and raise our children to know the Word and be warriors for the Kingdom of God. We also must not underestimate the power they have for the Kingdom. Whether through meeting others or sending them to school or them talking to their friends about Christ, we must remember that they are a gateway to sharing with others the love of Christ.

I know my friend has done a great job ministering to others through the relationships she has built through her children, and I pray I can use every opportunity God gives me to do the same. I am excited to go to Bangkok and fulfill God’s plan in this. BUT I also have to remember God has placed me here in the States for now, so I have to use the opportunities He has given me now too. I hope to encourage those of you who have children, both moms and dads, to acknowledge the opportunities God has given you to share the Gospel. And even if you are not a mom or dad or your children are grown, then still look for the opportunities God places in front of you to share His Word.


Who We Are

My husband and I were married in July 2007. We started attending LifePoint Church around the same time. About 1 year after first attending LifePoint, we joined a small group. Fast forward to October 2011, when our church did a church wide study on David Platt’s book,


The book challenged us to go on a short term mission trip, so with another couple from our small group, we went to Haiti in January 2012. We had a great time on our trip and really felt like we learned so much, but never did we consider becoming international missionaries. Upon returning from Haiti, we got pregnant with our first child. Then in April 2012, our church held an event for a time of fasting and praying and just a time to figure out where God wanted to use us next. Through attending this event, we felt God calling us to move to Haiti. Our daughter was born in October 2012, and then we moved to Haiti in May 2013.
We lived in Haiti for a year. In Haiti, we helped with a discipleship program, had a Children’s Home with 13 children, and aided our organization with getting children life saving heart surgeries. We learned so much from living in Haiti and know God was using it as a time to prepare us for what He was calling us to next. As we prepared to come home to have our second child, we felt God calling us home from Haiti. The more we prayed about coming home from Haiti, the more we were met with the answer to move to Bangkok, Thailand.
Our church had approached us about moving to Bangkok with our church plant there, but when we were approached, we still believed we were called to live in Haiti, but God’s perfect timing opened up, and He eventually called us to Bangkok anyway.
We returned home from Haiti in May 2014. Our son was born in July 2014. We are taking some time to live in the States to adjust to being a family of 4, work on our marriage, visit with family and friends, raise support and prepare for our move to Bangkok. We will be moving to Bangkok in February 2015. We are excited about our new journey, and we are excited to share it with you too!
In Bangkok, we will be working with our church to raise up local Thai leaders to serve in the church. We will also be teaching English as a means to share the Gospel with the Thai people in our community. We also have a Cafe at the church that we use as an opportunity to share God’s love. Also, we will be partnering with an organization, ONEless, that ministers to ladies working in the red light district and caught in the sex trafficking industry. Also, we will be using the relationships we build through our children to share God’s love. Please pray for this to be fruitful! Our visa will be a Thai learning visa, so pray that we will be able to learn Thai quickly and effectively!

We hope that you will follow along here and hear about our journey and read some of our thoughts while we embark on the unknown journey God is sending us on in Bangkok, Thailand! Please pray for us as we continue to prepare to move to Bangkok, and when we move our labor be fruitful in a country that is only about 1% Christian. Pray that we continue to seek God in every decision we make. Pray that everything we do points back to Jesus, so that people question why we are the way we are! Pray for our staff that is currently in Bangkok.

We will update often as we prepare to move and after we move, so please check back often to keep up to date with everything we are doing!