In case you haven’t noticed or you are new around here, the blog has a new look! Yay! Thank you all for being so patient with me, and I apologize for missing 2 Wednesday Devotionals. Take a look around and share your thoughts on how I can better improve the blog too! I do, however, ask that you continue to bear with me as I continue to make even more changes, but I could’t wait any longer to get it back up and running!

And since we have a new look, I want to ask you what else you would like to see on the blog? What new topics would you like to see? Any sort of series you are itching to read about?

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Again, jump in and share. By all means, this is your space too!

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5 Comments on Take A Look Around

  1. I would love to see more of your parenting posts, or posts about life in Thailand. 🙂 I like the new layout, one suggestion I have is to grt rid of the “uncatagorized” catagory and start putting posts directly into their correct places. I learned this the hard way.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback. I am going to try to start writing more parenting posts too. Any suggestions or series you would like to read? Thanks for the tip on the “uncategorized” topic too!

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