Today, I want to share an invitation for you to come to the thrown of grace. First, I want to say, welcome back to the Wednesday Devotional! Sorry for having missed a few, but I was revamping my blog, and I really hope you like it! Make sure you didn’t miss the last Wednesday Devotional too, so you can stay caught up with all we have been talking about throughout the Wednesday Devotional series! The last one was good too because it relates back to the election, even after President Trump has been elected.

Let’s look at the verse before we get started. Hebrews 4:16, Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in the time of need.”

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The verse tells us that we can with confidence and with boldness come to the throne of grace. This statement is pretty remarkable. If you are like me, when I think about God and His throne, I typically picture it as untouchable, like it is just too big or too powerful to even look at much less be around. Sometimes I think God is sitting up there on His throne just watching everything happen, and we are just here suffering through life. However, this verse is inviting us to come to the throne of God!

When we come to the throne of grace, it tells us we get mercy instead of what we deserve-suffering and death. It also tells us we get grace, which we don’t even deserve. We get all of these things when we need them and even when we don’t need them.

This shows the true attributes of God. God is both merciful and just. The throne of grace reconciles these two attributes of God-God gives us mercy and grace instead of what we deserve. Jesus died on the cross to invite us to the throne of grace. God is still a God of justice, but grants us grace through the death of His Son, Jesus!  Thank you, Jesus!

So, I invite you today to the throne of grace, where you can lay down all your requests to God, who answers them no matter how big or how small. His grace and mercy allow us full access to Him.  We can come to Him with our whole lives, every situation, and He will respond to us.  The separation, the barrier between us and God, has been bridged by the sacrifice of Jesus, so I invite you take that bridge and submit yourself to Jesus’ Lordship of your life.

So will you accept the invitation to come to the throne of grace with everything you have?

God, thank you for Jesus, who died so that I can have a relationship with you. Forgive me for not accepting your invitation to come to your throne. Help me to come in boldness to your throne. Thank you for your mercy. Help me to seek you in my times of need. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

An Invitation to the Throne
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