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Mom Anxiety
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Mom Anxiety

Hi everyone! My name is Fi. I am a lucky wife, and a first-time mum to a beautiful 4 month-old baby boy, who we affectionately call Starfish (because he looks like a Starfish in his swaddle bag!). We live in the sunny Sutherland Shire in Sydney, and I am a trained Primary School teacher. My husband and I were married for 3 ½ years before our little Starfish came along.

What I have learnt is that becoming a mum is super crazy and super intense. No matter how much people try to prepare you for it, NOTHING prepares you for the sleep deprivation. I was fortunate that my husband had some time off because we would need to do shifts in the middle of the night having Starfish sleeping on us (he refused the bassinet at this stage) and watching Netflix while the other one slept. We also moved from our unit to a house after Starfish was about 3 weeks old (what were we thinking?!?!). It was those first 6 weeks that were truly a tough gig. At the time you don’t think you’ll make it to the other side. Then your little baby smiles at you, and everything melts away. It is 1000% worth it!

I adore spending time with our little boy now! I love it so much I decided to create a blog to document our time together (cause I have an atrocious memory and wanted to remember his childhood later down the track), including the highs, the lows and the downright crazy! To top life off, I also started a small business which I named after him (‘Starfish Creations’). I figured hey, I wasn’t busy enough (?!?).

While I’m absolutely loving life as a mum now, I still have my challenges (besides prioritising time with my other ventures). The biggest thing for me is anxiety. I struggle with anxiety (not diagnosed, but I know I have it to a certain extent), and this is a big challenge for me in taking Starfish out of the house. You see, my boy is absolutely adorable, but he has the BIGGEST set of lungs you will ever hear (got it from me… my bad). So early on in his life, when he would grizzle and fuss (as all newborns do), he would scream the roof down. I would be extremely flustered, embarrassed and upset. It would stop me from taking him out to places because I would worry about how he would be. Would he scream? What would happen if he lost it? What would I do? I struggled with this for a very long time, even now at times. What got me through was having a supportive husband and a supportive network of mums who encouraged me (he’s a baby, they cry, it doesn’t matter!) to realise that my Starfish is trying to communicate to me and no-one really minds when a baby cries. That’s what they do! It has helped me relax more when I go out, and I think that has helped my boy to relax too.

I’m taking each day one step at a time as I watch my cheeky monkey grow and develop. It is simply the best!

Mom Anxiety
Fi Morrison

About Fi

Fi is a 28 year old first-time mum to a beautiful baby boy affectionately known as ‘Starfish’. She has also recently started her own small business called ‘Starfish Creations’ whilst running her own blog to document her life with her little Starfish.

Please check out Fi’s blog, follow her on Facebook and be sure to check out her Instagram feed as well!

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