It’s Mom Crush Monday! So glad you are joining us today! How many out there love to watch your child when he is sleeping? I know I do! They are just the cutest! Anyway, today, an awesome blogger mama is sharing sentiments toward her sweet, sleeping son. Please show Klara some love in the comments and by checking out her blog. Also, don’t forget to follow along with us on Instagram and make sure to the hashtag #momcrushmonday for a shoutout to your favorite mom friend!

When He's Sleeping
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When He’s Sleeping

My son is precious. He is sweet, loving, cheerful and just the right amount of cheeky; everything a little boy should be. My son laughs from his belly, and he runs to me when he’s hurt. He plays with the utmost focus, and he carries his favourite toys in circles around our home. My son is crazy about his Dad, and he’s obsessed with dogs and cats. He strums the ukulele and bashes the piano with the kind of grim determination only a toddler can muster. My boy wraps towels and clothes over his neck like a scarf, and he claps his little hands when we drive.

Everything he does is perfect to me.

When he is sleeping, that’s when I come undone. Something unfurls in my heart and makes me want to hold him, protect him, keep him tiny and innocent, bundled tightly against my chest, for the rest of my life.

There is just something about the sweetness of a sleeping boy.

When He's Sleeping
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Maybe it’s the way his lashes, longer than mine by far, brush his cheek. The little sighs that he utters when I place my hand on his back, checking him before I go to bed at night. The blissful roll of his eyes as he stirs and then settles again. Maybe it’s the way his golden hair, overdue for a cut, splays around him like a glorious halo. His pink lips parting in anticipation as I brush a wayward pacifier against them. His little bum pointing skyward, his face, chest and knees pressing down onto his mattress. It’s intoxicating, all of it, and someone needs to find a way to bottle this goodness!

On the hard nights when he wakes and needs me, I cannot begrudge him, because then I get to hold him, feeling him snuggling in and moulding himself to me. I get his face nuzzling into my neck, his warm breath grazing my skin. I get his wriggling little body relaxing against mine as precious sleep takes over once more.

Yes, I’m so tired. Yes, my bed is calling my name. However, my boisterous boy is still and snuggly, and he’s all mine.

When he’s sleeping, he’s not growing before my eyes, he’s not hitting developmental milestones, he’s not walking or talking or mastering skills. At the same time, all those wonderful things pause. When he’s sleeping, for one more night, he’s my baby.

When He's Sleeping

About Klara

Klara is a wife and mum from Perth in Western Australia. She blogs and works part-time in her church’s finance department. She has one son, Jackson, who is a 15-month-old ball of joyful, boisterous energy – and is a lot of fun! When she’s not parenting, crunching numbers or blogging, Klara loves scrapbooking, crochet, playing piano and writing a novel that she will probably never get around to finishing.

Make sure to check out Klara’s blog, Her Happy Heart and show her some love there! Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest too!

6 Comments on Mom Crush Monday: When He’s Sleeping {Guest Post}

  1. I relate so much to the heartfelt sentiment of this post! I suffer from insomnia and end up spending many nights just watching my daughter sleep. These times feel like stolen moments. It’s the one time she is not in motion and I can just study her. Such a sweet post! I loved it!

    • Yes, it is such a sweet post! So glad you liked it and can relate. Those moments watching a child sleep are so precious!

    • You are so right! She did such a great job at perfectly describing what every mom feels when her baby is sleeping, didn’t she?

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