Again, I apologize for missing last Wednesday. Today, I am back and ready to conquer Ephesians 6:16. Get caught up on the past weeks as this is week 4 of us looking into Ephesians 6-The Armor of God. To easily get caught up, click through these links to quickly access the past posts: Ephesians 6:10-11, Ephesians 6:14 and Ephesians 6:15. Now, let’s look at how God is our shield of faith when Satan is consistently throwing flaming darts at us.

Now, we all know that Satan exists, right? However, I think we too often forget that he is looming around in the world literally trying to destroy our lives. I mean, how many of us actually think about this concept on a daily basis? I know I don’t. It’s scary to think about it, so I choose to not think about it! I mean yes, I think about it when things are going really bad, but I don’t think about it all the time. Even though we are not always thinking about it, Satan is always there. He is always trying to bring us down and always trying to bring God down.

The Scripture:

Ephesians 6:16 says, “In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evils one…”

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What It Tells Us About Flaming Darts:

Ummm…flaming darts? That sounds pretty serious! What are these flaming darts the Bible is talking about it? They can be any sort of sin-our pride or doubt in God. Maybe it is an intense pressure to deny God daily or a pornography addiction.

Ephesians 6:16 tells us we should pick up our shield of faith to deflect the flaming darts heading rapidly in our direction. Faith means we trust God. Therefore, our shield is to trust in God.

So we use our “shield of faith” to protect us. Isn’t that what a shield does? You put it out in front of you to protect you from the flaming darts coming in your direction. So we have to put our faith in God knowing God will protect us from the enemy’s attacks. So we must remember that God, Himself, will protect us. He will be our shield.

I know I keep making this comment over and over again, but it is so true: we cannot sit idly by and expect God to do all the work. We must take action in this battle against the enemy. We have to do our part, our daily part, of constantly putting our faith in God and know He will protect us from the enemy.

Let’s put this in perspective for a moment. Here is a good way to figure out if you are living a life completely trusting in God’s faith: In the midst of a trial, do you immediately go to the worst case scenario or do you look at the trial and realize it will all work out in the end? Let me take it a step further, can you rejoice in the midst of your trials? If you can rejoice and have certainty whatever you are going through will work out for the glory of God, then you are living in complete faith with God being your shield.

Now, don’t be discouraged. Even I cannot say I choose the right answer in this scenario. I worry, and I know it is something I need to work on in order to be living fully in faith with God.

Yes, it is scary when I think about Satan continually coming at me with flaming arrows. Nonetheless, I have to remember I am not in this battle alone. We have brothers and sisters standing beside us in this battle, and most importantly, we have God, who is our shield. Like many soldiers will tell you, there is a deep bond that develops among those who fight together. We develop a strong bond with other Christians as we fight this battle together, and we develop a stronger bond in faith with God as we fight this battle with Him as our shield. Through the battles, we come to know things about others and God that we would have never come to know otherwise. God allows Satan to come at us with his fiery flames because in the end it draws us closer to God.

Our Prayer:

God, thank You for being my Protector. Forgive me for forgetting to trust You in the daily battle I face against Satan. Help me to always trust You will protect me. Give me peace in the trials I face. I love You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

A Question:

How can you begin to work on allowing God to be your shield of faith today?

Protection from Flaming Darts
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