Friends, I am super excited about the special guest post I have today and the message she has to share with you about how her father was so influential in her understand about God, the Father. Meg’s social media sites are listed below. You should connect with her and make sure to check out her book, Sketchy Tacos! I started it already, and it is a really fun read!

A Father's Example + Sketchy Tacos
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A Child’s First Glimpse of God

Growing up, I thought my dad hung the moon. Twice a week, he would kick our tails on game night. In the summer, he would chase us around with a hose, making rainbows in the hot sun. He would tickle my sister and I until we couldn’t breath. He was the master mouse-catcher and spider-killer. He could fix almost anything. He fought fires.

He was the bravest, strongest man I knew, and he still has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met.

Those memories sparkle in my mind. Still what had the biggest impact?

Every night he sat at the head of the table and said grace. He sang my sister and I to sleep with hymns, and he led family devotions. He not only taught us about God, but he tried to model Him in every way.

So when the Sunday School teacher told us God was a kind and loving father, I had no trouble picturing that.

My dad isn’t perfect. There were days when he got frustrated or angry or discouraged. Perfection isn’t possible. However, he did his best, and that’s what I remember.

I was so incredibly blessed. I’ve known too many people who struggle with their understanding of God because of their relationship with their parents. Strife or inattention made them believe God doesn’t care. Unattainable goals set by parents made them believe they could never be good enough to obtain God’s love.

Parents are a child’s first glimpse of God. A parent’s actions and attitudes will affect how a child views God for years to come.

Be a light for your kids, pointing the way straight to God. Shower them with unconditional love. Discipline them not out of anger, but with a desire to guide them to the right path. Be there for them through thick and thin. Ask yourself, “How am I demonstrating God’s love today?”

About Meg:

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Meg D. Gonzalez is a tea-sipping, adventure-seeking, pug-loving kind of girl. She’s crazy for God and wants to share His love with awesome young women around the globe.

Check out Meg D. Gonzalez’s new teen travel novel, Sketchy Tacos. Explore the relationship between mother and daughter through teenage artist Mila Gulick’s eyes while she struggles to find herself and her faith in vibrant, fun-filled Mexico.

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Meg would love to connect! You can email her at meg (at) or connect with her on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. To get the first two chapters of Sketchy Tacos and instant access to the adventurers’ and writers’ resource libraries, visit!

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