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Mom Confidence
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Mom Confidence

My confidence to parent unapologetically derives from my ability to be able to look after myself and see the successes in it. It doesn’t come from a medal of honour or an award, but from knowing I am doing my best with what I have. To me, that is true confidence.

When you are asked to write something about parenting, it is easy for me to have initial thoughts surrounded by imposter syndrome. Not because I don’t have kids. I have a 16 year old son with additional needs and a 14 year old daughter, who both challenge my thinking daily. And therein lies my issue: I make mistakes, a whole lot of mistakes….but so what?

It is in our mistakes that we learn lessons that teaches us how to really live, love and laugh.

Let’s face it, the task of leading another human being and making them upstanding citizens that give back to this world is a mammoth one.

I had my children when I was 20 and felt like a child myself. And the greatest lesson in all of these years about parenting is this: Be you, because everyone else is taken.

So what does that really mean and how do you grow in confidence as a parent so you can lead these future great leaders? Let me share a few of my insights and perhaps they will help you:

1. Live Life With Passion

I live my life, and let them see what I do, not what I say. When push comes to shove, it is our actions that teach them to know how to act, feel and love.

2. Reframe Acceptance

Acceptance is the act of sitting with my emotions, giving self compassion because knowing if I don’t I will be blocking negative energy inside me.

Crying is ok. Sadness is ok.
Your circumstances are not who you are. They are your circumstances now, but do not dictate the future.

3. Define Who You Are

Your values and your why are super important.

Here’s to staying confident consistently. ✊

Ruth-Ellen Henry

Mom Confidence

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Ruth-Ellen teaches other about staying confident by taking imperfect action. Visit her blog, Confident School, and learn more ways to be confident. Also, make sure you are following her on Instagram too!

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