It’s Monday once again! I love Mondays because I get to share with you an awesome mama blogger on this Mom Crush Monday series! In today’s post, Curry shares what I believe is so close to so many mamas hearts, so I hope you love it! She is sharing about how are children are a gift. Catch me over on Instagram and follow along with #momcrushmonday and #followthedyers ! See you again next Monday!

Remembering They are a Gift
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Remembering They are a Gift

The Bible calls children “a gift from the Lord”, a “reward” (Psalms 127:3 NLT). I felt guilty hearing this. Seeing friends and family, who on social media appear to feel this way all the time. I didn’t have this loving, gushing feeling as a new mom. I felt overwhelmed by the new responsibilities, exhausted from the lack of sleep and bored by my new role as a stay-at-home-mom.

The idea of them being a gift was confusing to me, but I believed God’s word was true. He is a God of intention. What did it mean for them to be a gift? God gives gifts that are good because He is good. My definition of good is skewed because I believe good means something I like, something that feels comforting or is enjoyable, something fun and periodically effortless. However, His definition of good is drawing me closer in relationship with Him, seeing more of His love and my need for Christ.

So, what if the blessing is that our children are for our good and that good is to become more like Jesus instead of good for enjoyment and fun and cute new things?

I remember the first time I got mad at my now six-and-a-half-year-old. He was a few weeks old and had a tight grip on my Tiffany necklace. It was a light weight, delicate chain, and he was less than three months old but he pulled. It snapped, and I was furious. My expectations of rocking him gently to sleep weren’t being met. I was sleep deprived, emotionally empty and surprised by the time and energy this newborn required. Clearly it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t do it on purpose. He didn’t even know what he did. All the logic muted my anger, but it didn’t hide the quickness with which anger crept up in me. Love doesn’t come naturally to our sinful hearts. Patience isn’t born in us when we hold our sweet tiny baby. Kindness doesn’t grow from sharing our body and everything we own with toddlers who always beg for more.

I continue to see my weakness through motherhood. I see how easily they get in my way. I naturally desire efficiency and order and prioritize those things too quickly. I expect them to not have emotions when I tell them “no”. My desire for control rages against their desires. This thing called motherhood is not what I pictured or believed. It is much harder, much more important and requires me to be much more aware of my weakness. My mother encourages me with the tears she shed, and slowly she peels back my blinders that tell me I am alone in the fight…I am not.

As I change the focus off myself and my task list, I see His beauty and His great gift of these children who teach me joy, how to love deeply and sacrificially. They make my sin obvious, and I am ever so thankful as they hold up the mirror to my sin I see how great the gift of Jesus is. God truly is good, and these three gifts I fight to love, work to teach and strive to protect are images of His goodness, but I have to set down the laundry, ignore the checklist and crouch down on the floor with them to see it clearly!

Remembering They are a Gift

About Curry:

Curry is a wife and mother to three wild and lovable kids. She is a home school mama and the dance party initiator of the family. She blogs about God’s truth, bringing hope into the daily routines of life of others at Truth for the Trenches. Following her over on Instagram as well!

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