First, I must say that my son is a rock star. We started potty training, and by day 2: 0 accidents! What the what? Okay, he did have an accident on the 3rd day, but after that, he’s done amazing! He had a few “can’t hold it” poops in his underwear (TMI? Sorry!), but other than those few mishaps, he’s a potty using super star!

With all the bragging, I must say that we used the same method with my daughter, and it was not quite as peachy as it was with my son (aren’t boys supposed to be harder?), but she still got the hang of it by day 3!

Potty Train in 3 Days! I am going to share with you my secrets and some fun items go along with them! Are you ready?

To begin, here are all the things you will need to gather in preparation for potty training.

Potty Training: The Method That Works
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I took my son to buy his new underwear. (Since we live out of country, we actually did this months ahead of time, but nonetheless, he still picked them out. I would recommend picking them out right before you are ready to start potty training.) Anyway, we got his underwear out several days before it was time to use the potty and let him look at them. He got to see what kind of animals were on them and laugh at them because it was so funny he was now going to be wearing underwear with animals on them. He thought it was so cool because he would get to wear the same underwear as daddy now! I would recommend buying extra underwear, unless you are planning on many, many loads of laundry.

Thomas the Train Underwear because what little boy doesn’t love Thomas the Train?


We bought him a urinal that suctions to the wall, so he can reach it, instead of using the big potty. This contraption is the most AMAZING thing, ever! If you have a son, you have to get one of these potties! The one we bought has a spinner, so he can aim for it. After he realized how he was supposed to use this potty, he loved it!

This Urinal is the one we have, and it is amazing. What boy wouldn’t love a frog shaped urinal?

Portable Potty Seat

We had this seat when my daughter was potty training and kept it. It is an amazing travel potty seat! We solely used it with her while she was potty training, so it would provide consistency for her, but my son uses it when we go out of the house and to poop! It helps make a regular toilet seat small enough for them to sit on, and it folds us to easily carry in your bag! If you have a little girl (or boy), I highly recommend this as well.

This Portable Potty Seat  is the one we bought, which is great because it does fold so easily to carry around with you anywhere you go.


The fun part is next. We pumped him full of juice (my kiddos typically only drink water) for 3 days straight. For 3 days, all he did was drink juice.

Any kind of Juice will do, but we chose apple juice because it is my kiddos favorite!


We gave our children treats for going to the potty. It can be as simple as M&Ms or as elaborate as you want it to be.

Any kind of Candy or Treat will work. We decided on M&Ms because they are small, and we didn’t want our son all jacked up on candy for 3 days!

Cleaning Supplies

You will probably want to have several cleaning supplies on hand. If you have carpet, you are going to need carpet cleaner. If you have hardwoods or tile, you will need to have a cleaner for it as well. You will also need to have several towels handy to clean up the messes throughout the day.

Carpet Cleaner or Hardwood Floor Cleaner, whichever fits your need is something you will need to have handy!


We do pull-ups for nap and bedtime, so you will need to have these for when they sleep if you choose to go this route.

Pull-ups aren’t required, but they can be helpful if you choose to use them during the transition time.

So Now What?

Before we start potty training, we go on an undie buying extravaganza! I take little man shopping, and he gets to choose what kind of underwear he wants to buy. He gets to have ownership in the underwear he chooses. We talk about potty training, and we talk about keeping {insert animal, action figure, favorite movie character etc.underwear here} dry and not peeing on them.

For about a week while changing his diaper, I would talk about going potty in the big boy potty, just to get him used to the idea and terms I would be using when it came time to actually start the potty training process. Little man has an older sister, we have always talked about going to the potty because she already uses the potty. One week before he started using the potty, we started talking more often about going the potty. We told him, “Next week, you will start using the potty!” We counted down the days until the day came. When he woke up on P-Day (Potty Day), we said, “It’s time to use the potty!” and cheered for him and jumped up and down like a lunatic mom of a boy getting ready to use the potty! He loved it! Haha!

The day before we started potty training, we put his urinal up in the bathroom to get him used to seeing it in there, and he would know he would be using it soon. He thought it was pretty awesome too!

When the big day came, after all the cheering, he went potty! Wahoo! We celebrated and danced and gave him his M&Ms, and he was so excited. Then, we immediately began to fill him up with juice, juice and more juice. Juice all day long! We looked at the clock and every 10 minutes we would take him to the potty. Every 10 minutes, he would pee, flush the potty, wash his hands, and, then he would get his reward!

Sometimes there were accidents, and we would rush him to the potty for him to finish peeing on the potty to show him it’s appropriate to pee on the potty and not in his underwear. After he finished peeing in the potty, we would give him a treat (because he did pee in the potty-if he didn’t, no treat), put on new underwear and ask him to clean up the pee in the floor. (*Note: he is 2 years old. He is not going to clean up all the pee in the floor perfectly. Having him clean it up is a way to show him he caused an accident that needs to be cleaned up, and it is not acceptable to pee in the floor. Peeing is to be done in the potty.) Then, we would begin the countdown all over, and 10 minutes later, we would go to the potty again. It is tedious, but it works! 

Now to pooping…We bought a portable potty seat to use when he needs to sit on the potty-for pooping and for when we go out because he cannot reach an adult potty to pee standing up. Anyhow, we were constantly asking him if he needed to poop. As a mom, sometimes you can just tell! So when he would poop, we would repeatedly ask him if he was done (again with the mom radar), and reward him with two M&Ms this time (It seems minuscule to us, but 2 M&Ms made this boy extremely happy! Haha!). This reward system works with my children because we don’t eat so much candy. You will have to find a reward system that works for your children!

Like I said, my son did awesome at potty training, but I really do think these tips are the ticket to successful potty training! I learned this method while studying Counseling for my Master’s Degree and used them with my children, and they really do work! Try them out and let me know what you think!

18 Comments on Potty Training: The Method That Works

  1. Have your kiddos ever struggled with thinking the underwear is just another kind of diaper? I was concerned that that would happen with ours, so with our firstborn, who is 2, we have her go around bottomless when it’s just us at home and, because there is nothing on down under, she has become accustomed pretty quickly to the fact that there is no backup and she has to go to her little potty or else we’ll end up with a mess. This has worked super well for her so far.

    • My kiddos didn’t have this problem. The underwear feels different, and the first time they pee in the underwear, it goes straight through onto them and on the floor. Also, my kids don’t go naked in public, so I thought it was better to just get them used to the underwear right off the bat!

    • My son was just a little over 2. My daughter was 19 months old when we potty trained her, but she was ready at that age. Most of the time, they will start talking letting you know they are ready to go to the potty when they start telling you they are peeing or pooping in their diaper!

    • Great question! It is so tempting, isn’t it? Haha! We just repeatedly told him it was dirty, so he didn’t play with it.

    • So glad she took to it quickly. It can be really stressful to some! Thanks so much for following along!

  2. Thanks for sharing all the info! I have never thought of having a urinal – it scares me adding more thing to clean! I always just bought step stools to the toilet for that reason. Ha ha!

    • Step stools work too! My son didn’t like it though because the potty still seemed too big for him as he just stood there looking into it!

  3. We do not potty train like this at all but you did make this method fun and I think it is brilliant that you included cleaning supplies in your list. So often they are in a different bathroom or downstairs in the kitchen and you need them immediately with boys! Great tips and accessories in this post!

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