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The Small Things
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The Small Things

I am not Pinterest mom. I have about 1,000 pins of DIY memory making picture saving projects. I admit to having no intention of ever creating them, and while creating is out the question I have learned the importance of documenting.
As a working (outside of the home) parent, who is also a single parent, it can be hard to manage time and savor the little moments when your to do list is a mile long. However, I’ve found that making sure each day I document one small moment to remember through a photo helps center myself.

It forces me each day to remind myself of the blessings God is pouring onto our family even in seasons of suffering or uncertainty. Living overseas apart from family creates a physical gap that on hard days can seem unmanageable. It helps me center myself back to God’s calling when I can reflect on a small blessing from the day. Documenting those moments, usually with photos, but also with a bullet journal, has benefited my relationship with God. Not only do I get to share some of those moments with friends and family, but I also get to put together more accurate time lines and watch my kiddos grow with their memories. Accepting scrapbooking and creative DIY’s are not my talents has given me the freedom to not try so hard to be a Mom I am not, but to focus on being the Mom God has created me to be.

Being a Mom can be overwhelming sometimes. As a Christ follower at the end of my day, sometimes my prayers struggle to be coherent. I blubber, interrupt myself, exhaustion over takes me, but I find being able to reflect on a specific moment allows the spirit to move. It opens the floodgates of communication with a starting point of worship for God’s presence in the small moments.

The Small Things

About Meghan:

Meghan is a millennial, single parent and Christ follower, who serves God with her family in Ghana, West Africa. She runs an organization that supports families of children with special needs to get the proper therapies and medical care they need.

Follow her blog, Lemons, Limes & Laughter and follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

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  1. I love this line: to not try so hard to be a Mom I am not, but to focus on being the Mom God has created me to be.
    Great post!

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