Ordinary or Extraordinary
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Continuing on in our look through the Old Testament, today we will look at an extraordinary story in Judges. So far, we have talked about Sarah, Rebekah and Leah from Genesis, the Midwifes in Exodus, how Leviticus reminds us of Jesus’ sacrifice for us, Numbers reminded us of God’s plan for our lives and, finally, we learn Rahab’s story in Joshua. Now we will learn about a pretty radical woman. If you don’t know this story, it might catch you off guard, but don’t miss the point! Feel free to share any feedback in the comments and see you back here next week!

Let me introduce you to a woman in the Bible. Her name is Jael, and her family was likely making weapons for a battle going on nearby to where she was living. Jael lived in a tent which she packed up, moved and set up again each time her family would set out to look for work making weapons and farm utensils.

Ordinary or Extraordinary
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The Scripture:

Judges 5:24, “Most blessed of women be Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite, of tent-dwelling women most blessed.”

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What It Tells Us About Being Extraordinary vs. Ordinary:

In the heat of the battle, the war general, Sisera, runs away from the battle and fled to Jael’s camp because he was seeking refuge. When Jael spotted Sisera, she extended an offer for him to come into her tent. He came into her tent, and she hid him with a rug. He was so exhausted from battle and the fleet to safety, he ended up falling fast asleep under the rug. Then, Jael…wait for it…drove a tent peg through his skull. Oh my! If I wouldn’t have known this story already, I would not have seen that coming!

Jael was such a courageous woman. She extended an offer for a war general to come into her tent not knowing the outcome. Due to her faithfulness, she out strengthened and out witted one of the most powerful men of that time period using a tent steak and a hammer nonetheless!  Sisera and his army were not defeated by some big brave army! No, he was single handedly defeated by an extraordinary woman, who was fearlessly used to defeat God’s enemy. You see, Jael came from Israelite heritage and was protecting her lineage-God’s people.

God confirms over and over again He can do what we think is impossible.

God promises to never forget his people. Even when the situation seems to be hopeless, God is at work. Wow! Is this something I need to hear right now? You bet it is!

When things are going good, don’t we sometimes forget about God. I’ve certainly been there! Oh, but when things are tough, God where are you? Sound familiar? Aren’t we so much the same as the Israelites time and time again?

Oh, but God is an amazing God! As a result, He is always right there beside us, just waiting on us to call on His name. He rescues us every single time, and He always forgives no matter how big or how small we mess up. He is too good to us!

Our Prayer:

God, thank You for using ordinary people and making them extraordinary in order to accomplish Your plans. Help me to remember You have incredible plans for my life. Use me to glorify You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

A Question:

How would you like to be more like Jael? What impossible things has God accomplished in your life?

Ordinary or Extraordinary?
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12 Comments on Wednesday Devotional: An Extraordinary Woman

  1. Thank you for this encouragement today. So often I may feel insignificant. Then I’m reminded that the women God used were significant because they were fully surrendered to Him. Not only did they surrender to God, they used their unique ability to do what they could. God didn’t equip them specially, He used what they knew to do already. Because they faithfully trusted and obeyed He blessed them and we can now read their faithful account forever in Scripture. Extraordinary things come from ordinary surrendered lives.

    Thank you for this message today!

  2. Oh I’ve written on Jael before! Her actions took bravery, gumption, faith, and literal strength. I am in awe of her. She and Deborah made an excellent team.

  3. Such an encouraging word for me this evening! I shall be looking Jael up now! I have read through the Bible twice and yet do not recall her. We need to remember always that God is with us, and not against us. Praising His Name.

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