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Why I'm Not a Television Mom
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Why I’m Not a Television Mom

Our culture seems to be obsessed with television. I get it, really I do. It’s a box that plays segments of highly entertaining stuff. There are so many options. There is literally something for everyone these days, including kids. Many shows geared towards young children even brag about “making your baby smart” or “helping brain development.”  However, those shows will never replace real, hands-on experiences in the world. For this reason, my husband and I made the choice to approach television a little differently than most families in America today.

Let me put this out there first. I love to watch TV and movies! I am excited for the day when my daughter is old enough to have a little bowl of popcorn and snuggle with us under a blanket and watch a movie. Will I get to a point in life where I need to turn on a show to distract my child so I can get something done? Of course! However, I see important reasons to limit the amount of TV a young child watches.

You see, television is passive. A child sits in front of the TV and just zones out. We’ve all seen it-that blank stare kids get when focusing in on a show. They are not truly engaging in an activity, but instead are being stimulated in a sort of “false” way. I know that kids can learn something from a show, but it doesn’t compare to what they can learn from being truly active in their environment. It’s simply proven to not be the best activity for kids.

I can count on one hand the number of times I have turned on a TV show or video for my daughter (okay, I just counted. It’s literally five times). I’m just not a fan of all the technology that kids have access to these days, and I have a special concern when technology is overused on the littlest ones. Young children are in some of the most important years of their lives. It is important to give them as much experience and active learning as possible!

So, instead of flipping on the tube at home, we want our kids to be able to interact with others, enjoy playing outside, use their imaginations and do those things well. We know that sometimes, too much TV can hinder those objectives.

For us, we want to encourage our gal to play with different toys-to build, create, and explore things around the house. We want her to play outside and get her hands dirty in the mud. We want to let her pick flowers (weeds). We want our daughter to look at books and be read to over and over. These activities are mentally and physically active and stimulate her brain, rather than passively entertaining the way watching TV does.

It is important for each family to decided how they want to approach TV with their kids. A baby comes into the world literally unable to do most things and knowing nothing! There are so many wonderful, amazing things for a little one to learn and experience in those early formative years. We wanted an importance to be placed on play, interaction, exploration and outdoors time rather than television. As such, my husband and I don’t even turn the TV on around our daughter. Simply because we want her to focus on playing, and so she doesn’t see us distracted from her. Again, hear me say, our children will watch TV and movies sometimes. I’m sure I will occasionally use Saturday morning cartoons as a way to let me sleep in a little bit longer and a family movie night will be one of our regulars, but in our household, you will not see the TV on for our kids routinely.

I challenge you to rethink how your family does TV and to consider if maybe it’s time for a change.

Why This Mom Limits Television

About Tavia:

Tania is a woman saved by grace, a wife, new mom, and lover of coffee and donuts! During the week, she’s a hustle and bustle fourth grade teacher (soon to be a SAHM!), and in her (limited) spare time, you can find her working on her blog Everyday Smith. She is a homebody by nature. If she could, she would spend all her time at home with her husband, little girl and their two dogs!

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4 Comments on Mom Crush Monday: How Television Looks to This Mom {Guest Post}

  1. Yes!!! Although my son is only a newborn, I ran into this issue almost daily at my job! So many families think having an attention span for a show is a developmental skill, when actually we consistently encountered toddlers development suffering due to too much screen time and not enough parental interaction.
    Love this!

  2. Our children are older now, but we followed this philosophy early on. They watched Baby Einstein videos when they were toddlers. Now, we use TV as entertainment with a specific purpose. We watch one show or a sporting event. We never just leave it on to run while we’re not paying attention or to allow time to waste away. One exception is when a child is sick, we will allow them to watch more than usual TV. We don’t even have cable, just Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. Plenty of things to watch with just those options! As a dad, I’m mindful of not turning it on when they are awake, so after they go to bed is when I catch up on news, a show or movie.

    • Thanks for your comment and for reading. I agree. TV should be limited, but it’s not something we cut out all together. We still watch television and movies occasionally.

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