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11 Quotes Every Mother Needs to Hear
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11 Quotes Every Mother Needs to Hear

Motherhood is such a wonderful journey, I think sometimes we forget how blessed we truly are. Every mother has a different experience, but I think we can all agree that these are quotes every mother needs to hear, and they explain motherhood perfectly!

Children learn more from what you are than what you teach. 

-W.E.B. Dubois

Children Learn More From What You Are Than What You Teach
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I think some parents try their hardest to tell their children what’s right and what’s wrong, but they struggle to SHOW them right from wrong. Children learn from example, so the most effective way to shape our children is to be who we want them to become. If we want them to be polite, we need to use our manners. If we want them to have faith, we must show them what faith is. Be the best you can be.

The days are long, but the years are short. 

The Days Are Long But the Years Are Short

Most nights, every mother takes a deep breath and thinks… what a long day! It happens over and over and over again. Then, on your baby’s first birthday… on your child’s first day of school… on your daughter’s wedding day… you think, where did the time go? How did every day feel so long, but the years have flew by? When I’m in a hurry, trying to get things done, and my toddler is hanging on my pants, crying, just wanting to be held, I stop and remember that it won’t be like this forever. My baby won’t always want to cuddle or give me kisses. So I stop what I’m doing, and we watch a movie and snuggle, and I enjoy every second of it. Every mother needs to remember the days are long, but the years are short!

Silence is golden…unless you have a toddler. In that case, it is very, very suspicious. 

11 Quotes Moms Need to Hear

Silence sounds so peaceful. Until you realize that young children aren’t silent for no reason. You sit there and think… what could they be getting into? Should I let it happen so I can enjoy these few minutes and deal with the repercussions later, or should I stop it and endure the screaming that will happen when I stop them from doing whatever they’re doing…? Every mother needs silence, but remember it can be dangerous.

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today. 

-Barbara Johnson

To Be in Your Child's Memories Tomorrow, You Have to Be in Their Lives Today

People are so sucked into their jobs, their phones, their friends… that they leave little time to be spent with their children. A lot people honestly believe the best thing they can do for their child is to work a lot and make a ton of money so that their child can have everything they’ve ever wanted, but that’s just not the case. Your time is so much more valuable to your relationship with your family than money will ever be.

Parenting is an impossible job at any age.

-Harrison Ford

Parenting is an Impossible Job at Any Age

I am a firm believer that your parenting skills are not based off your age, and this is a quote every mother needs to hear. There are young mothers who are outstanding, and there are older mothers that are wretched. It is a mother’s responsibility to gain maturity and selflessness, no matter their age. I myself am somewhat of a young mother, and I can promise you that my daughter gets the absolute best care possible. If you want to be a good mother, you will be. You will work hard to be the best mom you’re capable of being, at ANY age.

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. 

-Angela Schwindt

While We Try to Teach Our Children All About Life, Our Children Teach Us What Life is All About

How can it be that we learn just as much from our babies than they learn from us? They teach us who we are. They teach us how strong we can truly be, and just exactly how much we’re capable of. Most importantly they teach us what true love really is. A kind of love you were never able to feel until you held your baby in your arms for the very first time. We need them just as much as they need us. For this reason, this is a quote every mother needs to hear.

I don’t want my children to follow in my footsteps, I want them to take the path next to me and go further than I ever dreamt possible. 

It’s every parent’s dream is for their children to succeed. We want our children to achieve all of their goals and then some. It’s our job to help guide them onto their path, and when they get off track, we help them to find their way again. Whether or not our lives were good or not, we want our children to have better.

The way we talk to our children, becomes their inner voice. 

The Way We Talk to Our Children Becomes Their Inner Voice
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Even from a young age, the way we talk to our babies affects them. Sometimes it’s hard to have patience and use kind words, but it’s so important. We need to use encouraging words, and a respectful tone when we are speaking to them. This will help them to learn how they should be talking to others. If you talk harmfully around or about your children that is what they will be thinking, which can be so hard for their self esteem, and for their ability to build relationships with others.

As a mother, my job is to take care of the possible, and trust God with the impossible. 

-Ruth Bell Graham

Nothing is more impossible than trying to control things that are not in your control. Stressing over things that you cannot change is just making things harder on yourself. Your job is to change the things that you can, and to have faith that everything will be okay. It’s not good for you or your children to be stressed out constantly, so do what you can, and just take a deep breathe.

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. 

-Theodore Hesburgh

It is a father’s job to protect his family and, most importantly, love the mother of his children. When a mother feels love and support, she is much less stressed, resulting in better care for her babies. Mothers NEED a strong support system. We just do. For our health, and for our relationship’s health. Also, a father is a child’s first example of how a man should treat a woman. For his sons, he should be their example of how grateful and appreciative he is of his spouse, taking such good care of his family and his home by showing her love and respect. For his daughters, he should be an example of how they should be treated by a man, and they should know not to accept any less respect than their mother gets from their father. This also goes for divorced or separated parents. There should still be respect for each other, whether or not you are together. Children learn by example; OUR example! Remember, every mother needs their children’s father to love them.

Life doesn’t come with a manual…it comes with a mother.

When life gets hard and you don’t know what to do, you should be able to turn to your mother. Every mother should aspire to be their children’s safe haven. We should continue to strengthen and build our relationships with our children for the rest of our lives. If there is one person your child should be able to trust with anything or come to for any reason, it should be you. This doesn’t mean we come to their rescue when they make bad decisions, and enable them to make poor choices. It means we uplift them to do better, we give them advice, and we encourage them to carry on. We will always be an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. 

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11 Quotes Every Mother Needs to Hear

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